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"Food is not about
impressing people.
It's about making them
feel comfortable."

Ina Garten
The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook



Chef Katharin "Barr" Hogen

The World of Taste
According to Barr

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from Chef Barr's former,
much beloved San Francisco
restaurant, VAL 21


About Chef K. Barr Hogen

Barr's extensive professional experience keeps her on top of current nutritional trends and enables her to anticipate the needs of consumers.

Chef Barr's career as a chef and product formulator started twenty years ago in Washington DC, when she decided to move west to learn more about what Alice Waters, Deborah Madison, Joyce Goldstein, Paula Wolfert, and Barbara Tropp (to name few) were creating.

After a year of cooking with many renowned Bay Area chefs and caterers, she ventured in opening one of San Francisco’s first whole foods restaurants, Val 21. Unbeknownst to her, the juice bar at Val 21 would be her first introduction to the nutritional value of juicing, which would later turn into a nine-year career as Creative Chef at Odwalla, Inc., where she was responsible for developing Odwalla’s healthful beverages and food bars.

Chef Barr also worked as a chef at San Francisco’s Project Open Hand, preparing meals with love for people with AIDS. Her background and passion for nutrition was further developed when she became the manager of special diets, which translated into creating recipes for people of many ethnic backgrounds and dietary restrictions.

In addition to creating delicious recipes for a new wave of functional health foods, Chef Barr is now a contributing editor for a new magazine and website, Mindful Mama, a comprehensive resource for pregnant women who care about health and sustainability. Launching on Mothers Day in 2008, the publication features Chef Barr's food product reviews and healthful, delicious recipes.