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Chef Barr's Favorite Recipe of the Moment

 Dried Fruit Compote

This gem of a dessert topping is also great stirred into oatmeal or served warm over frozen yogurt. I developed this recipe for the San Francisco restaurant, Val 21. There it was served with a warm spiced ginger and cardamom cake. Any left overs can be stirred into vanilla or lemon flavored yogurt as a healthy breakfast or snack.

½ cup dried apricots (sulphured apricots are prettier, but can cause gas. Either will work in this recipe.

½ cup dried plums (aka prunes) ½ cup dried cherries

½ cup dried cranberries (preferably unsweetened, the juice from the other fruits will sweeten these right up)


1) Boil about 4 cups of water.

2) Chop the apricots into quarters. Chop the prunes into quarters.

3) Place the fruits, into individual bowls. You can use cereal bowls, just make sure there is plenty of room for the fruit to expand as it is re-hydrating in the boiled water.

4) Pour enough water over each bowl of fruit to cover the fruit.

5) Let stand for 20 minutes, or longer, until fruit is plump and cool.

6) Using a sieve over a large measuring cup, pour the fruits into the sieve and then gently toss them together into one bowl.

7) Add as much of the remaining “fruit water” as you’d like. Usually ½ to 1 cup is enough.

8) Stir and enjoy.